Social Networking Site Design and Build - Dating Site Concept

Social Networking Site Design and Build - Dating Site Concept


Job Description

Design and build of a dating website similar to OK Cupid. One key difference - the site is a social networking site for fertility, where couples needing egg or sperm donors can post profiles and swap.

Why contractors might be interested: Fertility is an enormous market, and no gamete swap site currently exists. This website has huge potential and could require large additional builds in the future. Furthermore, profits would be used to fund non-profits focused on adoption.

For now, a high-level estimate of costs is appreciated (think order-of-magnitude rather than a detailed build-up of costs). $10,000 is probably the maximum that the business owner could fund out of pocket, but additional options for funding could be found. Project timeline is flexible.

Platform: Social Engine

OKCupid features to be imitated:
Option to block another user
Search and filter profiles based on religion, ethnicity, height, geographic location, and other profile characteristics
Showing new matches who have joined in the past week / month
Show visitors to your profile

Additional features not part of OKCupid:
Monetization (free two-week trial, followed by $X per month, can be cancelled at any time)
Option to post a profile for a single person or a couple
Additional profile sections outlining characteristics of the sperm donor, egg donor, or surrogate, which may or may not be a member of the couple
Ability to filter profiles based on characteristics of either the couple or the donor/surrogate

Features that are not part of this build, but which could be part of a later project:
Questionnaires and "percent match" ratings with other users based on questionnaire answers
Ability to preemptively block users (for example, friends or ex-boyfriends that you would not want to know about your fertility difficulties

Ancillary services: design of logo and other site graphics.