Web Developer - Xero Accounting Integration Project

Web Developer - Xero Accounting Integration Project


Job Description

NOTE: Only applicants with interest in a long term relationship with our company should apply!

- All of the skills mentioned below
- English fluency
- Daytime EST availability
- Ability to communicated during normal business hours via phone or gchat

FarmersWeb is a New York based eCommerce platform that connects local farmers and producers with local wholesale buyers. The goal of FarmersWeb is to increase market access and efficiency for both farms and buyers, which in turn will enable more local food to reach the end customer.

This posting is a trial project to see if we work well together. If things go well it is expected that you will join our team as our primary maintainer of our legacy code. The project is described in the attached PDF.

FarmersWeb is currently built on a proprietary MVC framework on the LAMP stack with a large dose of the Doctrine ORM and jQuery.

Project specification is attached!

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