Data professional for PDF to Excel conversion

Data professional for PDF to Excel conversion


Job Description

Looking for a competent data professional to convert tables from PDF to Excel. Must have experience with PDF data conversion and a familiarity with navigating data tables. Must also be able to merge data for each year across the tables. Must be able to communicate in English and follow instructions.

This is a one-time job for for fixed pay (USD 75) that is limited to 2 weeks, though there is a strong potential for future work using the same data for the right candidate. The data that will need to be converted from PDF to Excel consists of 16 annual reports; there are about 25 data tables, each about one page, in each report. The process should be automated since there all 16 reports are in the same format and available online. Examples of a table that needs to be converted from PDF to Excel is attached.

The deliverable will ideally be 25 Excel files, each one corresponding to 16 years of data for each table. More specific instructions will be provided along with the PDF files.

This role reports directly to me; I am Ph.D. candidate in Economics at a major U.S. university. I have consulted with research associates who have done similar work and believe this job will entail about 10-15 hours of work for an experienced candidate, and 20-25 hours for a less experienced candidate. Ideally, the work will be completed well before the deadline since I will begin to analyze the data immediately upon receipt.

If you are interested in applying, please provide a resume, short cover letter (2-3 sentences is fine) and a link to a sample of your work. I have a limited time-frame and budget and require a solid professional to work with.

Skills: data-conversion, pdf, english