Mobile App with scan to database functionality

Mobile App with scan to database functionality


Job Description

We are putting together the popular barcode scanner features matched to our own database of information. We want to create a mobile app and website that allows a user to search for items by typing in the product/category, taking a picture of it, or by using the scan functionality. The output of the search or scan needs to match up to our database of information (which we are creating).

We are going to incorporate an ecommerce platform such as Magento for functionality and analytics, but other platform suggestions are welcome.

The person for this job needs to have proven experience in using an SDK and/or API from a scanning and barcode software such as Shop Savvy. They should also have a portfolio of existing examples that they created from scratch.
We are willing to use your existing examples of work and customize the integration of our database, as we are trying to keep costs down and deliver a product to market. Future revisions and options planned for phase 2 will require additional work for this chosen person.

Skills: mobile-application-development