Braintree / Infusionsoft Integration

Braintree / Infusionsoft Integration


Job Description

I currently use the Infusionsoft Shopping cart to process all payments for my website. I want to be able to use Braintree as the payment processor whilst still using the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

Your job will be to integrate Braintree with the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

If you are capable of doing this, please submit an application.

In your application, please address the following criteria:

1. Your experience with the Infusionsoft shopping cart
2. Your experience with Braintree integration
3. Your experience with Braintree / Infusionsoft integration
4. The word FISH at the top of your application
5. A rough estimate of how many hours you think this project will take

If you don't have specific experience with 1 - 3 but are still confident you can integrate the two systems, that's fine. Please simply state that in your application.

I'm not sure of the technical information you need to make these two systems communicate with each other (I have a non-technical background) but if you need more information to submit a complete application, please let me know.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Skills: infusionsoft

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