Iphone Developer to display world 3d globe with info in it, gps.

Iphone Developer to display world 3d globe with info in it, gps.


Job Description


I would like a simple app that shows the world globe in 3d - found this one: WhirlyGlobe. My intent is to have it look like google earth globe.

I would like to be able to tap a button and it will show it on the globe as gps to other people viewing this globe in their app. Does not need to be a live feature, but once a day. The user will have the ability to rotate the globe. This is similar to google earth 3d globe.

This app will show to the viewer all the taps that other users have done around the world.

I will handle submission to Apple and provide you all certificates, keys, etc...

This project is to be a fixed based one.

- Your english should be excellent!
- There will be few Ad sdk's.
- I will provide detailed wireframes. I will not provide graphics. You will use standard kit.
- You take pride in your work and make polished looking products.

I'm uncertain as to when I want to start his project.

This is what you should do next:
- Please reply with examples. Related to what I want to do is preferred. If I like your work, I'll replay and give you more info.
- IMPORTANT: at the beginning indicate you read my job description. That way I know you read it through, and not just a blind applicant.



Skills: english, design, typing, gps