OPC / SQL customer page

OPC / SQL customer page


Job Description

Summation Scope of Work

The summation web portal is a visual web portal that utilizes data pushed from electrical, water and natural gas meters to a gateway that is then pushed to our SQL database via the OPC/Kepware suite.

This scope of work is for the creation and implementation of two different web pages to display this information.

The first portal/page needs to be a display only web page where the data from the OPC program will be displayed on the page in a rotating dashboard that can be displayed on large format televisions and require no user input to show all the necessary data. Please see attached wire frame for more information.

The second portal/page needs to be the customer input page where the customer can see all the data being displayed on the first page as well as make changes as to what is being displayed and how the data is being displayed on monitors. Historical data as well as comparative data will also be required to be seen by the customer on this page. There is no wireframe for this page.

There is no platform requirements. However we are familiar with Wordpress and we know the OPC system will work via PHP in the wordpress system.
Any chosen platform must be scalable to multiple customers in an easy fashion.
Color scheme and feel of current website must be followed into this site.
Two week turnaround is required. Project due date is 6/10/13
Easy communication with the developer via chat, Skype or email.
Developer/designer freedom to work. We are looking for a developer who will make this project their own and share their ideas with us to make this project better.
We currently are using the Rgraph plugin for wordpress but would be open to using any scalable system.

Additional Information:
Our current website is built upon the wordpress platform and can be viewed at www.summaes.com.
OPC Information can be found at http://www.opcsystems.com/ our current IP address and OPC push information will be provided upon request.
All customer pages must be able to be installed on our custom domain. ie. something.summaes.com

Description of Wireframe Display Page
The attached wireframe is an ide of the display page that we have come up with. We are not in love with this idea. We are open to YOUR interpretation of how to best display the data. The information and ideas presented in the wireframe are required ideas.

The tabs listed above the main content area need to be able to be “cycled” through the displaying with line graphs displaying the data in “real time” all of this data needs to be fed to the gauges and money values in the total tab as well as the constant information on the sidebar and footer area.

The gauges in the content area show the real time data as it is occurring and should be “ramped” up when it displays. There are enough gauges to show all the data in the content tabs.

The sidebar information is displayed in real time. The information being shown on the sidebar is “todays” data. Meaning it is the energy use for the day and needs to be cycle to the same numbers shown for Month to date and Year to date. Any questions on this please email us for clarification.

The footer information is the maximum information for month to date as well as year to date. This information also cycles between the two.

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