Prestashop implementation

Prestashop implementation


Job Description

A French e-commerce site currently running on a customized version of OS Commerce needs to be transitioned to Prestashop.
To avoid loss / interruption of Google ranking it is necessary to implement some kind of redirection from the "old" URLs (deeplinks) of the OSCommerce shop to the "new" URLs of the Prestashop system.

Approx. 100k "old" URLs need to be mapped to approx. 50k "new" URLs in Prestashop.The new Prestashop runs approx. 50k products (incl. 1-3 images/product) with approx. 20-30 product categories, using a standard template ( and has a few out-of-the-box add-ons (of which one needs to be customized).

French language skills are welcome, as some of the service providers (credit card portal BNP, Neteven etc.) predominantly communicate in French and documentation often is only available in

French (translations into English are rather poor and external teams only have limited English language skills).

Summary of the requirements:
- installation of Prestashop (incl. DB, configs, optimisations, choice and setup of a suitable host platform)
- installation of a std. template
- installation of payment systems:
a) Paypal
b) Kwixo (former Pay&Receive)
c) BNP Merc@Net (Credit Card)
- import of product catalogue and images
- installation of add-ons:
a) "Mandat Administrative"
b) "Product ratings"
c) "Demander Evaluations"
d) "Dropshipping" (functionality needs to be customised)
e) "Devis"
f) modul "Neteven"

A script needs to ensure that article stock values are automatically updated on a daily basis.

A workaround process / functionality is required to allow importing orders from Neteven ( into Prestashop.

The target system needs to be fully tested.

Fixed budget for this project: USD 2000

Project delivery deadline: June 14th 2013
(fully tested, debugged and operational e-commerce shop system with all products & images uploaded and add-ons up and running)

Please note:
This is a mid term programme with more projects to follow up (outside the quoted budget):
- Once the system is implemented and in production for a few months a customised template needs to be developed.
- Additional add-ons are to be implemented and tested.
- Implementation of a ticketing system (partly integrated into Prestashop)

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