C++/C# Software Engineer for Rijndael Encryption

C++/C# Software Engineer for Rijndael Encryption


Job Description


I am looking for someone to complete development of the attached win32 dll(securityapi.dll) which exports functions for encrypting and decrypting data using Rijndael Encryption. The C++ version should be cross-compatiable with .net RijndaelManaged. The attached VS2010 solution contains a sample application so you can easily test encryption and decryption between the c++ and c# versions.

I'm looking for a simple solution that only needs to support the encryption method used in the c# version: PKCS7 padding and CBC mode.

The encrypt and decrypt functions in the securityapi.dll contain some comments outlining the basic requirements.

Please respond with confirmation that you fully understand the requirement and will be able to make this work with the opensource c++ implementation of Rijndael (CRijndael), or if an alternate implementation is necessary.

Thank You!

Hiring Manager

Skills: .net, visual-c++

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