Web based application

Web based application


Job Description

#1 There will be 3 type of users, super admin, company log in and customer login
Super admin will have the ability to manage everything,
Company log will have account to keep tracks of their customers informations
a company needs to enlist itself in the website, they need to fill up a form and then admin will check the company and will approve it.
Company can enlist them with the city list (zip codes and counties)
So when a customer searches for a service for a selected zip code, the list of the chosen companies will appear there.
And then customer can choose their preffered company and the company will get the lead and admin wil get their cut at the end of each month.
if a company receives a BAD lead , then they can report and super admin can make a decision to delete or keep BAD lead in report
Super admin can set a price for each company and for each month, it will be multiplied with the number of successfull leads and invoices will be made end of every month to every company automaticlly.
Like suppose admin need 5$ per lead, and a company get 20 leads, then admin will recieve 100$ at the end of the month
(remember-not all companies will receive same amouth of leads, so they will be charged only by amount of leads x $ what admin set in account)
for example company received 5 leads x$5
or if company receives 10 leads x$5
make sure u understand this!
for each month, an invoice containing all the details will be made and sent to the companies autmaticlly withouth needs of any work done from admin area.
And the company will pay that amount.
Like if a company needs to enlist them, they have to add a valid credit card from where the billing amount will come at the end of the month.
this is web based application
please visit
treeservicedirect dot com
type zip code 30042
and get an idea how website works
(this is just an example)

works needs to be completed 3 weeks from today.
DO NOT APPLY if u do not understand this project and can not handle entire project on your own. thank you
I WILL NOT REPLY If you have not read website decription. I left a domain with zip code to test and check it out yourself. pls do not msg me to tell you what do i need. i have posted my needs

Skills: billing, test