Re-design my home page (html, css, php/smarty) to make it look like the attached PSD

Re-design my home page (html, css, php/smarty) to make it look like the attached PSD


Job Description

IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN JOB DESCRIPTION, YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE MARKED AS SPAM! This is my third time posting this job because people are not reading the job descriptions and viewing the attachment. I need a good contractor please!

--------------------------------------- THE JOB ---------------------------------------
I have attached a well organized PSD of the homepage layout I want for my website. It is mostly CSS work and just a little PHP/Smarty work. Below are some of the details, but make sure you look at the PSD file to ensure you have a clear understanding of the end result. You will be given FTP access after being hired.

To be considered for this job, make sure you have the following in your reply:
1) a time of completion estimate
2) proof that you looked at the PSD, tell me the layer number for the white background.
3) list anything else you will need from me besides FTP and information given
4) no upfront payment will be given for this job if you have less than 20 jobs in your history.

Here are some details (ask questions if something is not clear)

CSS/HTML work:
-apply the green, gray, and white color scheme throughout
-use css for all rounder borders and shadows
-logo is Arial text, not image
-side nav font: 21px font-family: 'Open Sans',sans-serif;
-filter font: 14px font-family: 'Open Sans',sans-serif; bold
-total page width: 1024 px
-side nav elements: 260px wide
-slider banner 700 px wide x 300px tall
-all css is IE 6+ compatible
-no social buttons in the gig listing

PHP/Smarty work:
-username and flag in gig listing
-delivery time in gig listing
-votes and stars in gig listing
-categories in footer

colors used on the site:
White - #FFFFFF
Green - #57AC0E
Medium Gray - #545452
Light Gray - #AFAFAF
Dark gray - #373737
Black - #000000
light blue - #86B8B1

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