Web Developer/Programmer Needed

Web Developer/Programmer Needed


Job Description

I'm looking for a web developer/programmer that has experience and knowledge with and about social networks. With that said, the website will be a social network with most of the common features current social networks have (e.g pictures, adding friends, statuses) but will focus around a niche, or better put, specific function that will make this particular website different, giving it a different audience looking for something different.

My current budget for this project is at $3,000; I understand that's on the lower side of things for this kind of work, but currently that's all I've go to work with. I am willing to pay perhaps another $3,000 if the site turns into a success, but do not make that the only reason you agree to work on this because I will not share any further detail until you have agreed to work and complete the project with only $3,000 promised.

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