Philippine Contractors ONLY (hypno) - Google #1 Required

Philippine Contractors ONLY (hypno) - Google #1 Required


Job Description

Only contractor's from the Philippines should apply for this job!

We want you to rank the page number 1 on Google for the search term - HYPNOSIS.


WE want a number 1 spot NOT just a first page placement!

We require an SEO specialist or SEO Team to take this listing right to the top of for the keyword - hypnosis.

We do NOT pay up front costs of any kind. But, we will pay milestone payments as the site's rank improves.

We realise that this is a competitive keyword but please bear in mind that Google SEO has changed and ranking is now much easier than it has ever been - when you know how to do it!

***SEO has changed dramatically since the Penguin update***

There are sites ranking for competitive search terms with less than 10 backlinks. You read that correctly...TEN backlinks!

It is the "quality" of the backlinks that matter now not the quantity. "Quality" does NOT mean the same thing as it used to - what Google deems as quality is not necessarily what the rest of us view as quality!!!

There are new rules:
The actual placement of a link on a page is vital and knowing how Google deals with a link and how it either values OR devalues that link is now needed for SEO.

A link is either good or bad now. So a misplaced link can devalue your site and hurt your rankings no matter how relevant the link is!

There are specific ways to build links for high rankings. And there are DEFINITELY ways you should NOT be building links now. The industry standard for building high quality links is wrong.


However, you need to have access to certain things.


You will need to know how to build links.

You will need to be able to analyse competitor's backlink profiles.

You will need to be able to follow instructions on link building that are new.

You will need to understand how to build links in percentages i.e. 40% links should Brand/URL, 40% should have generic anchor text and only 20% should have (varied) keyword anchor text. The actual percentage will depend on the keyword and will be based on competitor analysis.

You will need access to a good quality writer with PERFECT ENGLISH and you MUST understand how LSI keywords work and be able to understand detailed instructions about SEO.

Please put "Phillies Knows Best" at the top of your application so I know that you have read this post. If successful we will allocate much more work to you upon completion of this project and will also be open to paying an hourly rate on future projects or a higher rate of pay.

This project also comes with bonuses.

Skills: english

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