Music Website Programming

Music Website Programming


Job Description

Looking for a programmer to complete the below with experience in Django and Python language.

Depending on project success and work provided, also open to partnering in exchange for company stake.

- Integrate Echo Nest API: On our site, create interface and functionality so that a user can enter an artist that they sound like, then send a API request to Echo Nest and then when Echo Nest returns similar artists, store that data in our database along with the artist that the user originally selected they sound like.
- Integrate SoundCloud API to allow artists to sign into our site through SoundCloud to import information and songs automatically.
- Create simple music charts sorted by genre drop down box based on song ratings by users. Displays artist picture, song name (links to our player), artist name (links to artist's profile), and number of ratings (include some filter option to sort artists with over 100 ratings). Designer available on our end to assist.

- Create user profiles that show the songs they have rated in order of highest to lowest, with pagination. Displays artist picture, song name (links player), artist name (links to profile), and number of ratings. Also displays user's contact info.
- Allow sharing of users game accomplishments on social channels.

*Each item includes front and back end development if needed. Designer available on our end to assist.

Payment can be broken out by item completion if needed and will depend on QA completion.

Skills: import, qa