Twilio Senior Programmers | Developer for Masterdigm

Twilio Senior Programmers | Developer for Masterdigm


Job Description

Hello and thank you for your time. My name is William Jimenez, President of Masterdigm. I am looking for a few quality programmers and/or teams that can help me build the Twilio platform into my CRM, You would be working with my Senior Chief Programmer. You will need to have previous experience with Twilio. Please provide me with examples. We are built on PHP, Mysql.

This position can be a full time position.

I look forward to hearing from this group on best known practices.


1.) Click 2 Call ability

* Each phone number in MD is a Click2call link. when we click on it, it launches the call. During this time, we create a report that will be added to the conversation log. It will show a "Call Attempted at 12:30pm, for example and call duration". Once we hang up the call, we go into a new screen that asks the user what is their next step:
* Create an Activity
* Add to Marketing Campaign
* Assign Lead
* Move Lead, etc..

2.) Predictive Dialer

* I would like the ability to select X amount of leads and put them into a pool. Then our system using Twilio start calling the leads.
* While it calls, it'll tag the conversation log with time of call, duration, etc..
* There will be a few possiblites that can take place:
* Client Answers: When they answer, we send a signal to the Marketing Director that our team is on a call. We can also see this on a Dashboard, with client name, etc.
* No One answers: If no one answers, we put the client back into the pool for calling at a new time. We tag the conversation log, etc.. with the information.

3.) Inbound Calls

* When someone calls into our clients Twilio Phone number, our system automatically routes the call to the appropriate Sales Agent based on if the lead is assigned to the Agent.
* If we don't answer, they are allowed to leave a message and we will voice to text the call into the Conversation log.

Thank you for your time! W Jimenez