Mobile technology proofreading.

Mobile technology proofreading.


Job Description

I have done website is used to calculate resistance. The slider is working with the help of JQUERY, the output is generated with the help of java script and designing html/ css is used. As me move the slider we get different output and tolerance power is changed. In this four bands are used. The first two bands generate value where as the third band is the multiplier value and fourth band is the tolerance value. The value is generated in ohms, kilo ohms or mega ohms.

Then I wrote a report about it but now need doing proofreading. Moreover, there are many paragraphs about the resistance taken from the internet (what I need to do? Two paragraphs at least on it )

Furthermore, I will download the file to see all the coding and how it is working. And explain more paragraphs about the coding.

There are some reference using Harvard style.

look to the attachment

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