Online picture gallery making script needs an upgrade

Online picture gallery making script needs an upgrade


Job Description


The script will be used for adult content. So if you are not comfortable with adult content, please don't apply!

I have an old Gallery Making script done in Perl. The script is a bit outdated and I'm looking for an expert in this field that will help me upgrade this script with some modern futures.

Some of the main futures that will need upgrading:
1. Right now I need to manually crop each thumbnail. I would like to automate this feature. The script should be able to automatically crop the desired pictures.

2. Right now the script is using my own custom designed gallery templates which is good. I would like to add a new feature to this so that the script will pull the images of the template automatically. Right now I have to manually upload the images of the template.

3. I'm looking for a way so that the script will automatically upload the finished gallery(template files, pictures, thumbnails and the index.html file) to my desired folder on my server.

This are just a couple of quick fixes this script needs.

In the application, please tell me what else would you do with the script to make it more easy to use. My goal is to make this script as easy as possible to use. I need to make a lot of picture galleries daily, so any new features are welcome.

I will let you see the gallery files once you apply for the job.

Looking forward to your replays.