Property Investment/financial analyst

Property Investment/financial analyst


Job Description

Hi All,

we are a property investment on-line business whom require 3 people (per hour basis) to form our new team of property annalists.
The tools and formulas are already build (on-line platform) so it just a matter of simply checking the financials of a certain property opportunity to ensure that all the financials align and fit within our strategy for our investors.

number of hours will depend on the amount of properties we have listed at any point in time.

the perfect candidate will need a financial degree and if possible have a back ground in real estate or are familiar with common real estate financial such as lender Mortgage insurance, stamp duty, depreciation, Cash on cash return, yields etc.

the 3 people need to have sound English skills. we are a 24 hour business and so we will select the 3 analysts from different time zones to ensure we cover the site 24/7.

Thanks for considering this opportunity


Skills: english, real-estate

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