Mobile Android / ios multiplayer runner game development

Mobile Android / ios multiplayer runner game development


Job Description

It's basically similar to the famous multiplayer runner game, 'Fun Run' (

But it differs in many features such as design, interface, items, level-up system and etc (all the details will be provided).

Especially the design should be much better than fun run.
Game characters(baby dogs and cats -erect, not four-legged) should be cute and of japanimation style.
So if you have good designer in your team, show me his/her own graphic examples of baby dog and cat running.

Since it's multiplayer game, server-side technique is one of the main requirements.
The game should be able to handle 100,000 concurrent players.

In brief, if you can make full-featured 'fun run' and have a good designer, you can make this.
Also, it needs 'robot' players that mimic real players.
Background musics and effects required.

The game should be published in both android and ios platforms easily( in other words, cross-platform).

Please remember that your portfolio is the only way I can see if you can handle this project.

Skills: android-development