Highly Skilled IOS Developer - Exciting New iPhone App Development Project

Highly Skilled IOS Developer - Exciting New iPhone App Development Project


Job Description

We need a custom mobile iPhone app and simple website made quickly.
All screen designs are completed and in psd format - this will be an incredible addition to your portfolio.
Very quick feedback given.

Apps description:
Fitness App for Personal Trainers to track and record their clients data.


Developer Team
-I am looking for a team of developers who can provide exceptionally high quality work, the screens will need to look identical to the ones I provide.
-Someone who speaks English well and responds within 12hrs to all enquiries, and at the very latest 24hrs.
-Must work on project full time.
-As I’m providing all screen designs I primarily only need a programmer, however slight adjustments will be needed, so you will need to have a designer who’s capable of making minor changes.
-Developed in Objective C
-Skype chat
-Need you to stay on for future updates and development projects, so you will need to be capable of coding for iPad, android and a web application.
-Progress updates at least once a week, where you will post the app to apptestflight for me to download and use.
-I will also need a 2-3page Website to be developed with simple user log in and ecommerce (store credit cards on file)
-100% money back guarantee if the work isn’t up to my expectations.
-Also require you to show me how to post the app to the Appstore and may need advice on approval policies.
-4-5star Elance rating

iPhone App
-iPhone App to be developed for iPhone 5 but also earlier versions (psd’s are in iphone 5 resolution)
-Two access levels are required so two types of users can have access to certain features.
-Web services will also be required to store users data on a server, I will provide hosting.
-Certain data from the two access levels will stay in sync together (so automatically shared between both users).
-Sync to users Dropbox account to store data
-Link Facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts to sign in and post to both access level accounts
-Generating graphs from data captured in the app.
-drag and drop functionality

Once I have awarded the project, I like to start things off with a simple test - a one screen app with icon (delivered through apptestflight) which shows the buttons and tabs being highlighted when selected but don’t have to link to any screens – This will be part of the app itself, so if I’m happy with it, and I decide to continue on with you, you will have already completed the first screen.

Here's what you need to do next:
Reply with examples of your work and answer the following questions;
-Can you create identical looking screens to the ones I provide? (see example screen)
-How quickly will you respond to my queries?
-Are you working with a team? What size and what are their skills?
-Can you create graphics, or do you have somebody who can?
-How many will be dedicated to my project?
-Can you stay on for future projects (iPad, Android, Web app) and updates?
-How long have the staff who will work on my project been developing IOS apps and apps in general?
-How many apps have they worked on?
-How many apps have you got on the Appstore?
-What language will you develop the app in?
-What’s your schedule like? How soon can you start?
-What time zone do you work in? What are your hours?
-What’s frustrating for you when working with clients?
-What happens if you become sick during a project?
-What if you hit a technical hurdle during the project? Do you have other team members or a network of programmers who can help you?
-Are you happy to give at least weekly progress updates and upload the app to apptestflight, for me to look over?
-What is your best and most successful iPhone app?
-Can you create a bug free app that doesn’t crash?
-What do you use for unit tests?
-How long do you estimate this project to take to develop?
-If you havent provided a quote what else do you need to give me an accurate quote?


Skills: english, facebook, twitter, linkedin, test, graphics

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