Wordpress Plugin To Validate Codes

Wordpress Plugin To Validate Codes


Job Description

I need a wordpress plugin created that can do the following:

Front end
1. Clients input a code & their E-Mail Address into the plugin and it generates them a basic coupon displays it on screen & E-Mails it to them.

Back End.

1. Be able to enter a list of preassigned codes and dollar values attached to them
2. Be able to import from a csv or excel file
3. Be able to import more than 1 set of codes & assign to different coupons
4. Set expiry date for each set of these codes
5. Be able to edit the terms and conditions displayed on the coupon
6. Store the E-Mail address of those who redeemed their code
7. Be able to download that list of E-Mail Addresses

The codes will be redeemed on the front end of the website on a redemption page that is defined by the site owner preferably by use of a shortcode.

This plugin should be installable on any Wordpress installation and should be compatible with the most current version of Wordpress.

We are looking for the right firm to work with that can offer their services at a reasonable cost and will look to work with you again to expand the scope of the plugin over time & after user feedback.

Skills: import