Web based Property Bulletin Template with Bulk Mailing Engine

Web based Property Bulletin Template with Bulk Mailing Engine


Job Description

Our company sells real estate properties for customers across the globe especially focussing on the West African Subregion.

We are seeking to develop a Web based property bulletin that will be presented in a tabular form (as shown in the attachments). It will have the following features:
1-It will be outputed in the form of a web page mailed to subscribers on our database (similar to what Mailchimp Software sends)
2-It will have a PHP/MySQL backend where the properties are to be populated on th e database together with the textual description and images.
3-The newsletter will be generated daily from the properties on the database and then arranged in the format as shown.
4-The format asshown is sent to the email addresses in the database.
5-Clicking the links will open up a page on our Real Estate Portal (url undisclosed because of the restriction policy of this service)
6-There will be a form where searches can be conducted with reference to the database on the real Estate portal.
7-There will be an embedded bulk mail function capable of accommodating the uploading of purchased email list from list providers (up to 2 million email addresses) without the trouble of server reestriction or categorisation of SPAMMING eg services provided by MassMailSoftware or Sendblaster integrated into it.
8-Email addresses will be uploaded to database via csv
9-Property listing will be uploaded to server via csv
10-Mail template will be designed to be very attractive.

Interested programmer should send in brief in record time and add further details if they have any.

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