Web Development Teammate - Ground Up - Ruby

Web Development Teammate - Ground Up - Ruby


Job Description

Web Development Teammate -

I am starting a business as a bootstrapper and I need to find someone who is experience with building dynamic websites to help me along the path to launch and management going forward.

This person will work one-on-one with me via web chat and help me make a performance based, professional looking website. He/she must be knowledgeable enough to help determine the best way of achieving a desired function. When the best course of action has been determined he must be able to help me find the proper resources online to help me learn how to achieve it, work together with me on creating the functionality, and be able to complete projects on his own.

I have a full time job in finance that requires me to work Monday-Friday 12:00 - 9:00 PM CST, so most of the work will be outside of those hours with independent projects the developer can work on whenever its best.

For launch I want the website to focus on working with desktops on modern browsers, but have data written in a way that it can be used on mobile devices later.

I've learned HTML, CSS, and I am working on JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. I still would like to discuss the best systems for development with someone experienced, but I after researching PHP/Ruby on Rails/Python I believe Ruby on Rails with MongoDB is the best way to develop going forward, but if someone can show me otherwise I would switch since I am in the early stages.

This means the current skills that I am looking for is:


I have a graphics designer I work with, so that aspect will be covered.

And knowledge of the Locomotive CMS would be a great asset. I would also prefer someone in North America with fluent English skills due to the timing issues.

The first project will be a transition phase to ensure we both work well together.

If I receive an application that does not show in some way that this has been read and understood I will deny the application.