Ghost Writer For Insurance Book Needed

Ghost Writer For Insurance Book Needed


Job Description

First of all, if your US English is not impeccable, I can't hire you. So, please, make sure your cover letter/email/response to me is with better spelling/grammar than I have. If I pick out a mistake, it means your US English spelling/grammar is not above mine, and I'll consider another candidate before I consider you.

Second, this book needs to be written FROM A WOMAN'S (PREFERABLY A MOTHER'S/WIFE'S) PERSPECTIVE!

As a man with no imagination and writing talent, I cannot write in a way that communicates to a woman, from a woman. THAT is what I need.

I have a booklet (about 30-40 pgs) I have written about the importance of Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance in protecting a family's finances. I need to appeal to spouses/mothers/fathers with this book. It needs to be written in eBook format and have a conversational tone to it. That means, I can have someone read it on my landing page in an audio file and it will flow smoothly.

I also need it to be formatted so that I can send it off to Createspace to be printed in paperback form as well.

As I plan to give this booklet away in exchange for an opt-in on my landing page, and after meeting with prospects in person, this book will generate no direct revenue for me, my budget for this booklet is limited. I'll spend what I need to get it right, but this is not a big budget project.

Knowledge of Life, Disability, and/or Long-Term Care Insurance is helpful. It's also helpful if you are/know of someone who was somehow affected (positively or negatively) from a loved one who either planned correctly, or incorrectly, their family's insurance needs.

This job should be an easy, cut and dried job for an experienced ghost writer.

For those who apply and I think can get it done, I will message you with my document attached for you to review and give me a 1) yes or no, and 2) an estimate of your hours needed.

Thank You.

Ryan Young

Skills: english, grammar