searching a fantastic webdesigner, for small weekly tasks

searching a fantastic webdesigner, for small weekly tasks


Job Description

I develop wordpress Sites with the bones starter theme for some Clients, but my clients don't see how fanatsic it's programmed, only how the design looks like.
I can use fireworks to design some pages, and sometimes it even does not look so bad. But i just can't do so really creazy stunning design stuff.
So if you can satisfy my or better my clients design requirements you can do this! Sometimes i also have some small html scss changes to do, but i have not the time for it.

Edit: Please show some Links with best Designs made by you! not just a list where the 50% don't even work anymore or bad designed sites! looked at 25 job searcher but didn't find a designer! Shure if you have developer skills i like it, but my MAIN REASON is a Designer not Developer!

Once i wanted to start a Webdesign Agency, but then i had ever more Clients and Tasks, that i don't have the time to get my own website done. =)

I also make a 4 years IT school, which is a 100% job, so i just don't have the time!

Sometimes maybe i have just small changes for you, and sometimes a new Website todo.