Online Competitor Pricing Software (Robot Scraping/PHP/Devexpress)

Online Competitor Pricing Software (Robot Scraping/PHP/Devexpress)


Job Description

We are looking for a Robot Scraping expert to takeover a web based Software we are looking to finish. current hosting on:

All online retailers face the issue of staying competitive with their prices. As prices change every minute, every second. Human resources are just not sufficient to help you stay up to date. Once Prices are checked and changed, they could be out of date within seconds, if another competitor changes their price. Lets take the example of a retailer who has 7000 Products, and on average around 20 competitors on each product.
7000 Products x 20 Competitors = 140,000 URLS. This is next to impossible to manage for a human being. But for Robots this is easy. You can tell them to Watch all these 140,000 URLS every second, without an issue.

A Lot of developers can work with the above, but the issue is ACCURACY of product matching & What to do with the Data once it returns. Once you have the competitor data, you need to REACT straight away, in order for that data to be put to good use.

The Name of the software will be 'PriceIntelligence'.
It will be resold to Clients. So potentially there could be 100 retailers using the software for a similar purpose.

We need someone who can understand the requirements in detail, review the existing software, and propose a new plan to complete and restructure what we have currently done.


1. Feed Import in different formats (xml, csv, txt etc), Automated Pickup from URL. Set Scheduled timings.

2. Mapping Fields from Client Feed to PriceIntelligence required fields.

3. Competitor URL Matching Based on on Client Product Data,

a) Automated: Automatically find Competitor URLS, bases on Algorithms we agree (Search Google Shopping, Search Shopping Sites, Search Google Search)
b) Manual Insertion of Competitor URLS

4. Create Scraping template for each competitor (E.g. where to pickup price from) Only need to do at integration phase.

5. Present back competitor Prices data for all Products

6. Set Rules & Filters, to amend these prices. To Help React

7. Export Changes Back to Client website (So automated price change can be updated by their system)

8. Show Analytics data & Reports through DevExpress Tools


We’re looking for an Experienced contractor to develop and maintain this website. The ideal developer has:

1. Can develop Web based Software (Maybe using PHP)
2. Strong experience in general website development
3. Has proven experience with Robot Scraping (Preferably Prices)
4. Has great organizational and time-management skills to get work done on schedule
5. Is Farmiliar with Devexpress Tools (We have Purchased the License)


Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your Robot Scraping experience, including examples of past work
2. Your familiarity with DevExpress and how you have used it in the past
3. The way you would think about working on this project

In addition, please submit examples of similar Softwares that you think have good features and describe how those features would interact.


We are a UK Based Baby Products Retailer (Kiddies Kingdom) with over 7000 Products. We have setup a new company called Cleva Commerce which will overlook the development of this software, and will deal with Clients. Kiddies Kingdom will be the first client of this software.

Skills: import, software-development