Webserver with Debian Squeeze / Froxlor - ongoing root server management

Webserver with Debian Squeeze / Froxlor - ongoing root server management


Job Description

I have a managed vserver with Apache/2.2.16 (Debian), PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze15 and Froxlor server management. I´m currently running 11 webs with 24 domains, 32 MySQL databases, 21 mail accounts

I want to upgrade from "managed" to "root" (v)server and looking therefore for a very experienced server administrator who is doing independently for me the ongoing server management (os updates, software updates [php, mysql, etc.], configurations, technical support, firewall and security scans/audits, anti spam / virus protection, backup services, server monitoring und recovery, Froxlor software, etc.). So to say short: Everything which currently my hoster does as part of the "managed service" plus Redmine maintenance

==Why I want to upgrade to root server?==
A) The current "managed service" is limiting me in many things. For example I can´t use SSH / WinSCP in my "customer webs", I can´t create/manage my own cronjobs, other little things are not working as I require it
B) I´m running on this server my central issue & knowledge management system for my company (Redmine installation with Ruby on Rails framework) which my current hoster has installed for me. But I don´t have easy access to this system, for example updating Redmine to current version or installing little extension, accessing the DB if required, etc.

==What are my requirements?==
- You must have very good and comprehensive experience with root server management under linux
- You must have very good security knowledge
- You must have experience with Froxlor server management
- You must have experience with Redmine / Ruby on Rails framework
- As my personal server adminstrator you must be very good available especially in emergency case may also at weekend and evening time via Skype or Mobile. In holiday there must be a substitute available!
- You must have a good and reliable internet connection for maintaining the server and for voice chats if required
- Good English spoken and written

==Please offer me==
1) Fixed monthly price for ongoing server management and Redmine maintencance (you are doing independently the stuff required for keeping our server and Redmine in current, secure state incl. reliable recovery concept)

2) Your hourly rate for additional jobs which are not covered by base management under point 1, for example
- specific server configurations on demand
- additional software must be installed on demand
- other special tasks on demand around my server

Do you need any further information? Pleaes let me know!

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