500 Word Real Estate Articles - Topics Provided

500 Word Real Estate Articles - Topics Provided


Job Description

$15 per article delivered.

I need about 50 real estate articles over a period of one month, and I'm looking for some qualified writers to help me out. I will provide the topics, but some of them may require a little research or prior experience to speak intelligently on the subject. My ideal writers will be able to hammer out these articles in about 30 minutes to an hour.

The articles can be light and conversational in tone, and the target reader will be potential home buyers. I encourage my writers to be free to be as honest as they want, as these articles are intended to be more informative than persuasive.You can interject opinion if you like, and although references won't be required, any facts that you do choose to include should be correct.

I'd like to stay away from spun content and obvious rewrites of other articles. I don't like being able to search Google and find articles that are overtly similar. You can paraphrase pieces of existing content if you like, but please mix it up enough so that human readers won't be able to tell in a side-by-side comparison.

Skills: real-estate, journalism, english, grammar