Build a DNN 7.01 Website

Build a DNN 7.01 Website


Job Description

Web Design
The objective is to provide the following services:

Attractive Presentation applications and services we provide.
Remote Support
Service Description
Plans and costs RemoteSupport Services (RS)
Basic RS
GeneralBusinessApplications RS
Network RS
WindowsServer RS
Tax & AccountingApplicationsRS
Personal RS Contract
Business1 RS Contract
Business2 RS Contract
RS Nights & Weekends
Other RS
Link to page within the shoppingcart ( ASP.DotNetStorefront ) where these services will be acquired .
Link to the webpage where the service will be Email
Link to the webpage where the service will be VoiceMail
Link to the webpage where the services will be Hosting

Sort by category - online applications from the OnyakTech family.
ShoppingCart . Here is the shopping cart where you pay all services and / or applications acquired.
Providers Directory. Provider Directory ( business - type contact, phone , email , url ) . The information base will come from registered customers.

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Based on a model website we'll present, design a final website using the DNN platform. The working data will come from the model website and a a live website. It is preferable that who do the job has experience working with OnyakTech modules for DNN. All modules installed should be operative at the end