Improve our node.js codebase!

Improve our node.js codebase!


Job Description

We're building a web-based project that supports an off-line business. Essentially, it allows some data to be added at home and some in a series of in-office meetings.

We have a pretty good start on the project in node.js using MongoDB, but need your help adding new features. The features are pretty clearly defined and include: creating new ways for our users to view data, send automated emails after pre-defined actions, record case history, etc.

We have approx. 20 different tasks we have identified that could keep someone busy for a couple of weeks.

We're looking for someone who can step in and work with our on-staff developer to complete these projects. The ideal o-desker will like collaborating with others, but be comfortable working independently. Because our existing codebase was developed under some unique constraints, we're also looking for someone who is flexible working with/improving code that may not be perfect (just yet).