Partner for Real Estate Crowd Funding Website

Partner for Real Estate Crowd Funding Website


Job Description

A For Profit company that will revolutionize the real estate funding industry making current real estate funding options antiquated.

A team of board members guiding a crowd controlled company through social interactions. The website is the fist steps to using the wisdom of the crowed to fund real estate projects across the world.

Ideal Inception Team:
Visionaries and dreamers, those individuals who want to make a differences and who work well with others in cohesion and harmony. If you understand using synergistic between each other maximizes effectiveness and profits.

Assist team members in a common understanding of our code of honer. Loyalty and commitment. Oversee the project from inception to completion.

We would like to deliver a website that will allow individuals looking for funds to finance Real Estate Projects. Phone calls, Blogging, Research, Documentation. What ever other team members need.

Upon the successful completion of the project funding phase (after we successfully raised the agreed upon amount) cash dispursments will be negotiated before the charter of the project. 4 member team is a basic structure concept.

Skills: real-estate, finance, economics

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