Web APP for Data and PDF

Web APP for Data and PDF


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This app is for store data and relative PDF.
We need to keep update a database of company with relative pubblic documents.

Please if interested :
- read specs
- send link to web or to any dropbox folder on which i can see any screenshot of previous developped web app.

Platform cloud server on aws.
Please specify platform needed and programming language applied

Delivery within 20 business days. (working demo to add data within 10 days)

See db structure and Gui in attached ZIP specs file.

is a basicly a tool that one or more company (MULTICOMPANY each company has separated db, but could be that a company can export to other some data. So we need to find a way of exchange data betwenn company)

App use is basicly app to store online db data of supplier of a company in building construction sector.

Supplier data are basicly text, pdf (example id card,passport and many more official docs) with date of issue and date of expiry. Both date are to be monitor before this doc expire.

Once data and pdf are stored-updated online let’s go to main features..

Main function is to extract them.

So app let user select field and so data will be extracted.

3 kind of extraction result:

First extraction will be html extraction of just text.

User will use a model form (in html or xml) on which app find and replace <field1> ... <field2> with data. “like Dear <sir>, we will ship to <Town>....”

Second extraction will be html and pdf too like....../pubblic/criptedpathwithuserid/index.html and save pdf in same folder. So if a guest receive adress will get html open it and with a click can access to file (open PDF). Give user a short link to share to others.

Index.html and pdf should also be availble zipped in same folder in a single file, so user can download it and navigate in html off line)

Third extraction is a mix on first and second ...but in this case user (refering to login email) receive via email zip file or all file in zip including index html

Extraction is final result but most important think is selection. Selection deepth. I mean how many docs should be extracted see db structure.

How data is populated. ?

User once open.

Add supplier.
Before saving app will check all mandatory field and ask user to full fill. if some missing.
But user can save as well but supplier should be marked as “not completed”.
So user can fullfill data in second time.

Once all data supplied, supplier became “active”.

Supplier can became:
“Deleted”, “distoyed”.

Standard user can edit/delete data.
Once deleted just a super user “master of domain” can undeleted. If purged by “master”. Just master of master (administrator of full system=me) can delete it.

Standard customer is a part of domain.

Domain has:
Different user:
User (many)
Guest (many)
Name = “Coiver”

User can find. Edit. Delete. Save. Pubblish to web,Export.
Admin can do every thing and undelete

Domain has user limitation :
Max user : (standard 2)
Domain has also a validity licence.
Licence till : Date

domain_licence_validity=20-03-2030 (dd.mm.yyyy)

App will have to provide just for me a super admin interface for create domain and user and maintance this data.

Standard action will be search a supplier or more then one.

Many criteria of search will be available on various field:

Name, tag, fiscal code, titolare.

Result of research will be shown and if more than one user can see it single by single or perform an extraction full list.

Reminder function:

User press “Check database function” and app will do this job.

will pass all active supplier alphabetically and perform check on all fields.
Check mean (if mandatory write an allarm that field is missing, if date is about to expiry write an alarm say... doc is expiring in xx days or doc is expired last xx days).

User will get according to user request. an html file with alarm of all supplier alarm or a main mail with all check performed or a single email for each supplier.

Check will be performed Section by Section and mail will be divided by Section:

MARK as Non active. Make this opportunity base on different search criteria as last update > 60 days. MARK All …

Skills: pdf

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