jQuery Mobile app click-dummy (11 pages)

jQuery Mobile app click-dummy (11 pages)


Job Description

jQuery Mobile app click-dummy (11 pages)

Re-Build the Shazam app interface as click-dummy in jQuery Mobile (with HTML5, CSS and Javascript).

Use jQuery Mobile elements Header, NavBar, Buttons, Icons where possible. Better use jQuery elements like buttons than images, it’s okay if the click-dummy is not pixel-perfect.

Header and footer should be fixed, main content is scrollable in between.

Attached PDF contains full design and link specification:
1) Start screen
2) Listening screen
3) No match screen
4) List of tags screen
5) Tag screen
6) Artist Info screen
7) Album screen
8) Discover Chart screen
9) Discover Search screen
10) Friends screen
11) About screen

Background: full image or line of color gradient scaled to full width. If background has logo embossed this can be ignored.

Icons: transparent background

Click-dummy can be delivered as single HTML file or in separate files, plus CSS, images, etc.

Testing will be done in iPhone safari browser.

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