1ShoppingCart.com Integration

1ShoppingCart.com Integration


Job Description

Target Specialist Contractor:
The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) is in need of a custom script writer familiar with XML, API, and, preferably, some experience with 1ShoppingCart.com online ordering system.

The NFEC has recently integrated with a fulfillment company that will manage our online orders for the foreseeable future.

The Issue:
1ShoppingCart.com exports its XML data in a specific format that cannot be alter within the 1ShoppingCart control panel. Our fulfillment company requires the incoming XML data to be in a particular format. Therefore, we need some way of receiving the exported data then generating it into the format our fulfillment company requires.

The files must be received from 1ShoppingCart.com's export API and then (1) transmitted to the fulfillment company in SFTP or FTPS protocol, (2) UTF-8 encoded and (3) use the XML format shown below.

Please contact me directly via email (preferable) at Tstol002@ucr.edu or phone (951) 255-5499. Thank you.

Trevor Stoll
Project Manager
The National Financial Educators Council

<?xml version=’1.0’?>
<Attention>Chris Johnsen</Attention>
<Line1>2600 Anderson St.</Line1>
<Line2 />
<VendorProductDescription>Book 1</VendorProductDescription>
<VendorProductDescription>Book 23</VendorProductDescription>

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