Research Project with Google Earth, BING Maps and Apple-Maps.

Research Project with Google Earth, BING Maps and Apple-Maps.


Job Description


we are looking for a contractor to perform the following task:

In a given City Area we have to research roof-top terraces.

These terraces have to

- indentivied with google earth, bing birds view AND(!) Apple-Maps
- screenshots have to made and organized by object, and street
- using google maps
- using google street view and apple Maps terraces have to be identified that are visible from the streets
- The outcome of the study must be presented in a professional way, suitable for presenting it before city-council

The Job has to be done within 7 days
There are about 150 Objects to be identified and categorized

The Contractor needs at least a basic understanding of architecure to know which terraceforms are relevant and which aren't.

High englsih skills are required.
Please put the Word "Hawaii" in the top line of your application to avoid spam.

Thank you


To clearify the project:
1. You are given a specific area.
2. You have to look at the buildings and find the ones which has rooftop terraces.

Therefore you need an ipad to handle the task, as we want you to use Apple Maps as well.

Thank you.

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