preferably native speaker to translate English - German

preferably native speaker to translate English - German


Job Description

Who has a feel for the German Language to translate simple playing rules from English to German for 32 fun children's games? Not looking for someone translating word by word but rather with an aptitude to explain the games so that their intent can be grasped easily to start playing immediately ...

Recruitment Test
Please start your application with the German translation of the following paragraph otherwise application will be rejected.

"With blindfolds on, all the players need to find ‘It’ (Spielleiter) , and squeeze into the same space to hide. The players huddle in a group counting aloud to ten as ‘It’ finds a place to hide in an agreed play area (which could be the whole house without blindfolds).

The challenge for each of us is to spread out and find ‘It’ (who will remove our blindfolds as we find him or her). Then together we will need to remain very still and quiet until each player has found and joined the cramped hiding spot.

Even if you struggle to find ‘It’ just wait until you hear a noise, as it’s almost impossible for a group of people to remain absolutely quiet. This will help with patience and our ability to stay focused on an objective and continue unfazed until you find the hiding spot. "

1-Please give an estimate for a fixed rate
2-How long will you take to finish this task?
3- Can you start immediately?
4- Are you available to communicate during afternoon/evening GMT hours?

Best of luck.

Skills: games, english, test