Project Management Tool

Project Management Tool


Job Description

I am looking for a ruby on rails developer.

Details of the project are below.

"New Project Management Tool"

What I looking to create is a project management tool that acts as an online check list or to do list that 6 people can see. The check list will be the same 26 steps every time someone starts a new project.

As each step on the 26 stage process is complete all 6 parties are notified and the person that is responsible for the next step is notified by email.

The user interface should be clean and minimal. The simpler the better.

Each step of the process should state what step of the process we are on and which person is responsible for this task. (example below)

Step 16 of 26
Task Name(insert name)
Person Responsible (insert name)
Notes(insert notes)

Something very simple like that.

It also need to have a section where all parties can leave comments on the project so that everyone can see.

I need the site to offer a monthly subscription fee for all users that have to use the software. PayPal is fine.

There also need to a site administrator section where I can add remove and edit steps in the 26 stage process.

Also in the site administrator section there should be a summary of all the users and what projects they are working on etc.

If you have any questions please let me know

I am looking for a fixed price bid for the project.