Product Codes Built into Brands

Product Codes Built into Brands


Job Description

Seeking a developer to create software that assigns unique codes to commercial products with a database integrated into the brand's system. These unique codes must be built into brand(s) databases and provide information regarding what,when,who,how,where each product was purchased. The software must be integrated into each brand's systems including in-store computers, office computers etc...

The software should also be able to be filtered by the individual shopper, so that loyal customers can be identified when shopping in stores no matter where they are in the world.

The unique codes should be assigned to each product so that no forgeries can be made. The aim is to protect against counterfeit goods and provide customers as well as businesses the confidence in knowing their purchased/in-store goods are 100% authentic.

The end product must be fully functioning and able to be sold to many brands world-wide. In-house staff must be taught how to set up and train brand staff how to use the program as well as update and maintain the software.

(The code must also be able to be used on an iPhone application)

Skills: software-development