Website Gif Creator from you tube videos needs to include Editing and Image Filter Tools.

Website Gif Creator from you tube videos needs to include Editing and Image Filter Tools.


Job Description

Hi Developers,

We have an exciting project. The goal is to make a gif videos from youtube videos.Please see the below write up of the project or open the attached document to view the project with images. I look forward to speaking with many talented developers. Please include a cost quote of how much the project will cost and the amount of time you or your team will need to complete the project.

Web Gif Player Write Up. 9-26-2013

- 5 Web pages will need to be created. With a potential 8 more editing pages.
- We would need all the new created gif files to save on our server.
- Design will have to integrate with existing web design UI
- Water Mark needs to be added over each video
- We would like to include some editing tools
- Please reference gif to see the UI we are looking to match.
- Final design would have to integrate with our current website (currently under development)

I have listed out the 5 pages that we need created. Can you please review and comment.

1 Web Page. User enters the youtube video link into the search bar on gif
Engine would have to pull the video from youtube..

2.Web Page The you tube video would then play on
Please note the slide bar under the video that edits the youtube video down to the correct size. We need to include the features. Would need to include start and end times and the gif time edit bar slider.

Click Create gif – Create gif button will then start the process of formatting the video into a new gif data file.

3.Web Page Confirm gif page. This page plays the created gif loop and also offers the user a choice to return to the previous page. The new gif would then appear as the page refreshed. The new gif should play the loop over and over on this page. We need the watermark “MAKE A” to be added to all video created.

Web Page 4 Main editing page. Sub Editing pages Plus 8 more pages. We would like to understand how many tool API you have access to we would like to use existing filter and editing tools and apply that code.

5 Web Page Enter the Details of the gif Including name tags and category. The press save Gif.

6 Web Page would play the created gif on the Gif Home page. All of the entered data would be stored in the back end. We would need to save the new files on our web server.

The above features would have to work with our existing site that we are currently developing. The created videos would then have to be stored in our back end database.



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