Ruby on Rails developer for connection service

Ruby on Rails developer for connection service


Job Description

What do you want to create?

A better world? A service, a good? A project, a work of art? A partnership?

Who do you want to help create it?

Zaplings helps you find people you need to bring any creation to life. We ask about your interests, your expertise, and (briefly) your personality. The more you share, the more helpful we can be.

Zaplings then introduces you to people with common interests who have the skills you're looking for and who you will hopefully enjoy spending time with.

Everything is possible if we just choose to help each other out.

Zaplings is the idea garden - connect to create!

Job description

(Please ask us questions about Zaplings. We will ignore canned responses.)

Zaplings seeks a Ruby on Rails programmer to lead development of our minimum viable product consisting of the following:

Ask user questions about self and about user's creation (categories above)
Create an Idea profile including information previously provided, photo, and additional details
Ask user to tag interests, expertise
Profile completion incorporating information provided previously, photo, and additional details
Unique referral codes for each user and each idea
Send "Invitation to connect" to a user via Email, facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter
Messaging features similar to facebook messages
"Introduce" function - Introduce friends via Zaplings, Email, LinkedIn, facebook, or Twitter
Content pages
Search by name, zapling or email
Share idea via Email, Twitter, and facebook
Home page includes Twitter feed of @zaplings

In exchange for your services, we are willing to offer pay, equity, or combination of the two.

Website wireframe mockups available on request.

Skills: facebook, linkedin, twitter

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