New ecommerce website

New ecommerce website


Job Description

I am looking to create a wordpress themed website that is fast loading for ecommerce. The website is to be very similiar to the following website and as outlined below.

The layout, look, feel and functionality to be v. similar.
-Header/logo to be about the same size

-Naviagation tabs to be: the same except no "catalog" tab (could be added in the future) " Products" tab links to product list page, which links to the individual shopping cart page for that product, The "account" tab would be the dealer login tab..this goes to the login page..they must become a member and get their own login and password. We must have access to this data in case they forget their password..this should be setup so that if requested, their login information will be automatically retrived with security checks.. In the membership side of the site, they will have access to an inventory control spread sheet (i'll send you the worksheet) for accounting purposes, and the ability to order through their membership.. Also I would like to be able to auto send an email based on past purchasing to remind them that their inventory may be getting low and they need to re-order.

- image tabs below the navigation to be similar, except no "forum" and instead of the "Proud Sponsor" image.. put in "Become a Dealer" linked to the application page. "Dealer locator" image to link to the page just like theirs, with state, company name, address, phone and website. "Featured retailers" with image space for advertising on home page, and link to another page for those dealers that want to advertise their business. This page should be setup like a post page..thumbnail image with a description, and locator map -click an map icon and their location would pop up.

- Home page to have either the image slider or a video spot
no featured products listing.. just one product featured, with a link to the shopping cart or directed elsewhere..and space for other text about the company and it's services..
spots for advertising if wanted

-Shopping cart- just like that setup, with a product description and ballistic tab
with the potential of adding in related products down the road if wanted.
integrated with paypal or a merchant account like

-Widget sidebar--
-Optin form at the top of the sidebar for news updates and specials
- Site search
- product listing with link out to that page
-shopping cart
- Become a dealer
- Login-create account link

-Footer - setup the same way..all the privacy and relevant links
- Social media like what is shown..

Complete testing of the site to ensure all functions are working properly