Wingsuit Game models

Wingsuit Game models


Job Description

Lowpoly wingsuit player models (Guy/Girl) properly biped for skeleton animations and dynamic solution for clothing (wingsuit). The animations are listed below.
We are going to start finishing the game-play soon so we need the model with animations as soon as possible. The whole generated world for all tracks are with real textures and it is important that the models has realistic textures. The models should have Gloves.

We also need a dummy player representing other players in multiplayer mode. Less graphical model in one changeable color material. So that we easily can change the material used from e.g. blue to green. Could be a less smooth version of the main character with bigger parts of the wingsuit in custom colors to not create any extra work.

Make sure to contact me for further information and agreement. We are looking for artists on various sites to not lose time.

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: <4000
Vertices: <4000
Textures: Yes
Materials: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Animations: Yes
Body Weights: Yes (for dynamic collision movement)

Our game (A first version trailer in an early stage with dummy character. The game now has better graphics and creation of 10 levels of real world city/terrain is in progress):

VIDEO - A grate wingsuit game model:

VIDEO - Simple more lowpoly:

VIDEO - Something like this but with textures:

The models are going to be imported as “.dae” but original files is acquired for possible further modifications if needed.

While Flying:
-Parashoot folding out and para gliding.
-Rolling in the air (Left and Right).
-Wingsuit dynmics (meaning, his wingsuit would get affected by air).
-Dynamic Turning while flying (moving his head left and right when turning).
-Closing and opening his arms (his wing suit would dynamically fold by that), would be cool if we can open his arm a lot with the wingsuit to simulate slowing down, batman style.
-Closing and opening his legs (his wing suit would dynamically fold by that).
-Turning around while flying and make a thumbs up hand gesture to the user holding the device.

While not flying:
-Climbing (We’re going to have our character climb buildings whenever he’s close to one).
-Jumping (We’re going to have the character jump out of buildings).
-Spinning Jumps.
-When the character is idling (standing still) it would be awesome if we can simulate some movements such as stretching, drinking Cole-aids or limbering up.