Looking for 'Explainer Videos' staff on long term basis

Looking for 'Explainer Videos' staff on long term basis


Job Description

We need you!! I work for www.2020tv.tv a production company, providing filming services to many of the large UK companies.

Currently we are getting allot of demand for explainer type videos, ranging from whiteboard, kinetic type to cartoon/2d animation story type films. At the moment we outsource this work to another company in the UK and make no money from it.

We are looking for a small team of expert animation professionals to work with us. You will need to provide us with some examples of your work (vimeo embed codes) that we can use on our website to sell your services to our clients. These can be previous examples of your work, or we can pay you a nominal amount to produce 'selling examples' for us.

We will then use you every-time one of our clients wants an explainer video for their website or conference event.

Please send us details of the kind of explainer videos you can produce and your rate-card examples for this type of animation.

Skills: video