Proofreader & Voice over advice

Proofreader & Voice over advice


Job Description


For a project we are in need of a prof. Dutch-French translator with experience in proofreading.

The job entails:

1. examining and reviewing a translation of 370 words
2. giving advice on voice over choice (out of 5, choose the one that looks like the Dutch tone of voice)
3. Reviewing the final French animation when it is finished.

The script needs to be examined critically on grammar/spelling and translation. Because the text will be used for a voice over in an animation, it is also part of your job to ensure the sentences are "smooth" and have a good flow for recording by voice over. We have a Dutch source file as well as English.
Next to proofreading text, we need to choose a voice over that looks like the Dutch voice. We send you 5 samples and you will give us your opinion and arguments.

After the voice over is recorded and the animation is produced we need a final check -a.o. on grammar and voice over intonation - to ensure the video can be published. You will get the URL and will be asked to review the 2 min animation with a checklist to fill in.

Please send us your resume if you are interested.