Developer: Java, Spring MVC Web, Spring JDBC

Developer: Java, Spring MVC Web, Spring JDBC


Job Description

Primary responsibilities include working at the direction of the technical project lead to define a reference implementation leveraging the Spring MVC Web Framework and Spring JDBC libraries. Additional responsibilities include implementing core application logic and resolving defects.

This is a part-time position requiring up to 20 hours per week for approximately 4-8 weeks between November and January.

Required Skills:
•Spring MVC Web Framework
•Spring JDBC
•Estimating development effort
•Working independently and delivering to agreed upon milestones

Optional Qualifications:
•Familiarity with MDD
•Eclipse IDE
•Local to the Tampa, FL area

All work is expected to be performed remotely and in-part during non-core hours, but potential candidates must be available to collaborate via web meeting, conference calls, etc. during core hours.