English to Brazilian Portuguese translation

English to Brazilian Portuguese translation


Job Description

Hi there,
I am looking for a freelance writer who is able to translate articles from English to Brazilian Portuguese. The articles are used on websites and should not be translated sentence by sentence. Important is that the new article make sense and have a high value. I will give you some keywords which need to be included. The article should solve the problems related to the keywords. The articles are from the health and fitness niche.
Job requirements
- fluent in english
- native brazilian or close
- good writing skills
- basic knowledge about the health niche
- basic SEO

I have created a detailed job description Video. To apply for this job you need to watch this video URL: http://ims.evsuite.com/eng-bra-translator/ to view this video you have to enter a special key in the password field. The special key is mpservices
Please follow the instructions from the video to apply for this job. If you do not follow the instruction your application will not be considered.


Marc Pfitzer

Skills: english