Sales Manager (German) for setting up a B2B business

Sales Manager (German) for setting up a B2B business


Job Description

We are looking for someone to develop and expand our B2B business in Germany. At the moment we are mostly interested in the marketing and sales of a popular digital stylus (

Unfortunately, this is our tenth attempt to find someone who is competent, smart and empathic enough to find new buyers in this market. Because of that, we would like to change things up a bit this time.

Please only apply if you accept our conditions.
• We prefer to hire someone who will work for commissions. Therefore, your income will be directly linked to your commitment and success.
• We are also willing to pay a fixed amount/salary. However, this amount would not be payed until after the first new contract has been made and the volume of the contract needs to be proportionate to the fixed payment amount.

We already have some basic marketing materials. You are welcome to make suggestions for other materials. You can also use the internet for your work.

Your tasks will include:
• The identification of relevant sales channels / markets
• The establishment of new contacts (should a physical appearance become necessary, coordinate an appointment between us and the new client)
• Negotiation of the terms for a new contract
• Ideally via phone and e-mail
You should be the SPC for this kind of business.

It is necessary that you can read and write in German. Please only apply to this job in German so that we can get a first idea of your language skills and be aware that you need to make phone calls to Germany too. Maybe we could work something out with VoiP. All Details later in the interview.

Please make a quote. Including / Excluding your share of the turnover.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team!

Skills: marketing