Building Puppet Configuration

Building Puppet Configuration


Job Description

We are looking for a Puppet / Vagrant expert, that helps us building our standard dev environment.

The configuration should install, configure and launch the following applications:

- Ubuntu 13.04 / 64bit
- NGinx as Proxy for
- Gunicorn
- Install SSL certificate and serve http and https
- Python 2.7
- PIP including installing requirements from a requirements.txt into a virtualenv
- Pull a default app from a git repository and get the project demo running thru Gunicorn and Nginx. (GIT information is at the bottom)
- MySQL 5.1>
- MemCacheD
- Install some public SSH Keys for root
- Install a local mail relay (sending only)
- Install and run some default iptables rules from a textfile

The configuration should be able to run on a local machine, EC2 and DigitalOcean.

Git Repo: ssh://