BB10 Developer Needed ASAP [Simple Project]

BB10 Developer Needed ASAP [Simple Project]


Job Description

We are developing a simple app for the new BB10 and we are looking for the right developer for the job.

If you consider yourself an A+ programmer we're looking for you!

** The app is quite a simple app
** The app will make use of native UI to some extent
** All other graphics and sound will be provided
** Two targets: Paid And Free (Ad supported, with in app purchase)

The app must be compatible for BB10 Devices and be ready for playbook compatibility running BB10.

If you are interested in applying for this position please answer the following questions:

1. What is your preferred programming language for the Blackberry 10?

2. Do you own or can you get your hands on a prototype of the Blackberry 10 (Dev Alpha A / B / C)? What Blackberry devices can you get for testing purposes?

3. Please send us a link to a previous BB app you have developed (your best one) - if it was done in collaboration, describe what aspects you were responsible for.

4. You will need to integrate the following functions into the app:
** an advertising service
** analytics package
** push notification package
What services are available for integration into BB10 apps? Which would you recommend?

Lastly, we will need your help to guide us through the process for developing an app for blackberry 10. We have experience with iOS apps however we will need your guidance on this project.

In terms of schedule, we want this app fully completed with 10 days.
We are attempting to produce multiple apps for BB10 ahead of launch and so have a very tight schedule.

BUDGET: $500 (negotiable)

Skills: rim-development, blackberry, android-development, mobile-application-development, application-design, graphics, design

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