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I require a software to be built that will generate views for videos in youtube. There is an existing system built in php that we will need it to integrate with. The software will receive a youtube url, keywords and number of views to generate or amount of time to run for. Then, it will begin to generate views for the video by going to the youtube site, doing a search for the keyword, finding the video that needs the views, clicking the video (like a human would) then it will view at least 80% of the video. The software will either continue to run until the amoutn of views required are generated, or for the period of time that is specified. Some videos will want to get x amoutn of views, others will want to get a steady flow of views for a certain period of time.

Additional details for the build are as follows:
- the software must be server based. I would prefer php but I am not opposed to others if suggested.
- the software will need to be able to multi-thread at an almost unlimited rate as the number of videos that need to be getting views at the same time may be very large
- every view that a video gets should be from a different ip. I am open to various ways of doing this, including proxies. However if proxies we need to be sure that youtube is not detecting them as such (anonymous proxies). We will also in this case be able to get a sufficient number of proxies so as to guarantee that a video does NOT get a large number of views constantly from the same ip. Also we need to ensure that not more than one video is getting more than one view using the same ip at one moment. Getting a large amount of unique ips is an VERY IMPORTANT and integral part of this.
- the software needs to be built with the idea in mind for then additional development to use it for other platforms as well such as promoting videos on other video sites, etc.
- When visiting youtube to generate the views and doing the search, etc. It needs to act human like, in that it pauses between clicking, has random mouse movement, etc.
- the useragents used must be varied for the views. We need to for example get the top 100 browsers that would normally be found on computers and randomly change the useragent for each view.

I would very much like to have this project completed as soon as possible and for it to be completed in a professional manner. I would like to have whoever has this development done to then later do all additional developments for it, so I am looking for someone serious.

I am flexible on my budget and timeframe. The main thing is the quality or the work, prompt communication and timeliness within reason for completion of the project.

I look forward to your bids :)


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